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I Want to More Fully Develop My Intuitive Wisdom...

You were born with the gift of intuition – the ability to know that bypasses the rational part of your brain. In fact, your knowing is a function of your intuitive network that includes your brain, memories, dreams and your whole body. The problem is that we tend to discount our intuitive moments, rather than honoring and reinforcing these times.

Susan Apollon spends a lot of time with people who've experienced some of that extra power. The world, it turns out, has levels far beyond what we usually see and hear and experience - what we think of as "ordinary."

You've probably experienced some of these moments in your own life. Perhaps...

  • For no apparent reason, you think of a friend you've been out of touch with for a while - and that friend suddenly calls or visits

  • Something inside you tells you, “take a different route to work!” - and later, you find out there was a fiery crash on your usual road

  • A loved one recently died, but you walk into her room, and there she is; you can even smell her perfume

  • You get a phone call about the death of a close friend - and without a word on your end of the call, your dog, who loved your friend, begins to howl

  • An angel or other presence intervenes to guide you when you cannot choose

You are not alone. Just in the area of communication beyond death, 42 percent of Americans report these kinds of experiences. The good news: every one of us can develop these powers in ourselves, and can experience "extraordinary" moments time after time.

In her book, Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stores of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul, Susan Apollon shows how to experience these amazing moments, and how to find guidance within for the choices you make and the paths you take.

I have come to think of intuitive wisdom as the wisdom of the soul. Like Gary Zukav, in Seat of the Soul, I believe that the purpose of our intuition is to connect us with both our own internal wisdom . . . and also to connect us with other sources of wisdom, whether it be the wisdom of God, angels, teachers, masters, or deceased loved ones. The wisdom of the soul is divine wisdom. It belongs to our Higher Self. When we connect with this, we know with our entire being that we are on the right track. (pp. 38-39)

You will learn

  • How to find and listen to your "inner voice"

  • How to go beyond communication among living people to receive messages from those who have died

Rather than something we can "see," psychic energy is more often than not something we "feel." Indeed, my experience is that so much of what takes place psychically is done with the heart - and not the head. This, I believe, is how intuition works. In other words, usually we "see" the energy with our heart and/or our whole being. For example, many have described moments in which they "felt:" the presence of a being, person or animal. They have spoken of how they just knew, though no words were spoken, that their loved one was present. These moments have usually been described as comforting and a "gift," although, for some, they are alarming, confusing and frightening. (p. 59)

Apollon's work is based in solid research, and has been endorsed by top scientists and authors, among them Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Christiane Northup, Dr. Melvin Morse, and other experts . . . and by many who've used her methods to achieve peace after trauma - including several 9/11 widows.

Touched by the Extraordinary summarizes Apollon's research in easy-to-understand language, provides tools to build your own intuitive powers, and includes the actual experiences of hundreds of Apollon's clients, friends, and interviewees - like these two examples:

While holding her daughter's favorite jeans, Anna suddenly picked up the scent of her daughter's favorite perfume…she knew, with absolutely no doubt, that her daughter was letting her know she was still with her . . . To go one step further, Anna picked up the scent in my office during the following session. The experience was enormously comforting for Anna, who used these moments of connection as opportunities to let her daughter know how much she missed and loved her. (pp. 31-32)

About six weeks before his death . . . Todd [age 6] walked over . . . looking very sad and troubled. His large eyes filled with tears that gently rolled down his cheeks…"I am going to die, mom and Dad." And, handing his parents three sheets of paper, he said, "This is my will." . . . Todd had actually made two copies. [His mother] could not help but think how extraordinary this was for a child of only six. Todd's will, including the manner in which he detailed and described his belongings and to whom he was leaving them, was a reflection of his compassion, sensitivity and genuine sense of caring about others . . . Todd had made sure that he left something of his to each of those friends and family members with whom he had a loving connection while alive. (pp. 193-194)

Touched by the Extraordinary can help you get in touch with your own soul . . . learn to listen to your intuition…and explore that untapped resource, that part of the brain we're told we don't use. There's nothing holding you back. Are you ready to move forward?

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