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Susan’s Approach to Therapy

Just as physicians practice the art of medicine as they work to heal the body, I feel therapists must practice the art of therapy as they seek to help others heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. (Yes—healing the soul is as important as healing the mind and the body!) Both the therapist and the client/patient work together to establish and fulfill the goals of therapy: restoring balance, wholeness, and healing in a setting that feels safe and appropriate, and that allows each to be honest with the other.

Here are several specific points I would like to share regarding how I seek to achieve these goals:

  • I choose to practice integrative psychology. This is an approach that allows me to integrate various schools of tried-and-true strategies borrowed from medicine, science, and psychology. These strategies include cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotional freedom therapy (energy psychology), EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), mindfulness, meditation, relaxation training, play therapy, regression, hypnotherapy, and energy medicine.

  • I integrate my research findings (which deal with Consciousness, Mind, and Energy) with educating my clients/patients about the energetic value of the power of their thoughts and feelings. I seek to demonstrate how all of this can help them make choices that will improve the quality of their lives.

  • For me, an intrinsic element of treatment is working in the Here and Now—being fully present in the moment. Without my complete and full presence—and especially my ability to listen without judgment—I could not be an effective therapist. I practice the discipline of consciously focusing on listening lovingly and compassionately. In this way, I hope to serve as a role model for those with whom I work.

  • When my client chooses to continue our work between sessions (I often give daily “assignments”), the therapeutic process is enhanced and expedited. It takes practice, time, and energy to teach the mind and body new patterns of thinking and behaving. When one chooses to integrate the cognitive-behavioral and energetic tools I teach, he or she comes to better recognize his or her role in the healing process. Even more significantly, my client also experiences spiritual growth, which leads to a wonderful sense of fulfillment, inner harmony, peace, and well-being—or more simply, healing.

  • I work to empower every one of my clients and expedite their healing by helping them understand that everything is energy, and that they alone can influence the quality and direction of their lives via their thoughts and intentions. This approach is a blend of Eastern and Western thinking and medicine, and is one that Albert Einstein and his quantum physicist colleagues supported. Best of all, it’s not complicated.

    We as human beings like to remain attached to old ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling, even when these old ways do not feel good. The work of therapy enables both the therapist and client to discover what needs or circumstances contribute to holding onto old patterns that no longer serve. Becoming conscious of such patterns is how we begin the process of energetically creating shifts needed for healing (the restoration of balance and harmony).

  • Having spent several decades researching and studying energetic healing modalities, I felt compelled to develop my awareness of my own intuitive wisdom—in other words, learning to be sensitive to the energy of others. I bring this to my work with my clients, using my intuition to guide me in deciding what will best help them heal. Additionally, I enable my clients to learn how to better harness and develop their own intuitive wisdom. Thus, the integration of my intuition and that of my clients plays a significant role in the therapeutic process.

Should you seek therapy? Only you can make that decision. But if you think you might want to undertake this journey, feel free to explore the links below.

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