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by Susan Barbara Apollon

Touched by the Extraordinary
(Book 1)

An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform
and Heal the Soul

Message from Susan

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Touched by the Extraordinary
(Book 2)

Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

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 For Cancer Survivors
and Thrivers...



Healing Loving Imagery to Comfort and
 Soothe The Soul Challenged By Cancer CD

(Created and read by Susan Apollon)

Empowering and soothing imagery for the body, mind and spirit (all challenged by cancer), from a psychologist who specializes in oncology and who recognizes the energetic impact of breath, visualization, and words on the body's immune system's to attack, defeat and eliminate harmful cancer cells. These CDs are designed for use during, pre and post chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgical recovery and are specifically created to enhance the healing power of all treatment procedures.
ďI have been struggling as a cancer patient for many months. Susanís ability to calm my anxieties and help me find inner peace throughout my treatments and rehabilitation has been a blessing. Reading Susanís work and listening to her has helped me more than any other steps to healing.Ē ~Andrea Tankin

A Healing Meditation To Successfully
Meet the Challenge of Cancer

(Created and read by Susan Apollon)

From a psychologist who, for more than twenty- five years has worked with those challenged by cancer, a CD of extraordinary imagery, breath and words created to comfort and support the patient during the chemotherapy, radiation and other healing experiences. Included are life-affirming, powerful affirmations designed to assist the patientís immune system's to shrink and eliminate harmful cells while simultaneously creating empowerment.
"Susanís healing energy can be felt through each word, sentence and story."~Beth DuPree, MD., Breast Cancer Surgeon

"Susanís soothing voice is in itself calming and relaxing. Closing my eyes and listening as she guides me through breathing, meditation and imagery have been an invaluable source of healing energy. ĒBreast Cancer Survivor and Thriver."    ~Mindy Eisenthal

A Guided Meditation for Peace,
Healing and Empowerment CD

(Created and read by Susan Apollon)

In a deeply calming voice, intuitive psychologist Susan Apollon guides you in learning the art of meditation as well as journeying deep within your own being. By providing you with an easy step- by- step process in how best to use your breath to create internal stillness and peace, she enables you to experience both relaxation and a connection with the wisdom of your soul.
"I love to listen to Susan Apollonís CD... Her soothing voice can relax me and put me into a whole new world. It is as if she is right there with me and she understands what I am going through."    ~Terry Kovalchick

"Susan has given us yet another spiritual gift to share with our patients to help them in their healing journey."  ~Amy Harvey, MD, Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Creating Miracles in Your Life:
Extraordinary Stories of Cancer Survivors

Presented by Susan Barbara Apollon:
"A Celebration of Life" for Cancer Survivorsí Day
(at Doylestown Hospital Cancer Center, Bucks County, PA)

In this special Keynote Speech that Susan was asked to present to cancer survivors, Susan shares touching and inspirational stories of those who survived their challenge with cancer and continue to thrive and enjoy their lives. The presentation is filled with tools and tips the survivors and thrivers shared to create their own miracles. A valuable, fascinating and informative hour!
"Susan speaks from the heart, and shares so many touching and heart-warming stories that the audience cannot help but be touched and inspired."  ~Susan Duval, MBA, Producer, Spirituality Channel, Seminar Diva/Founder

"Susan reaches a wide audience and connects with them on a deep level. I believe that the listeners were offered a spiritual healing and that those in attendance went home filled with more peace and tranquility."  ~Beryl Katz, Founder of S.A.G.E. (Senior Adults for Greater Education)

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The Healing Power of Love

Presented by Susan Barbara Apollon on behalf of
The Healing Consciousness Foundation:
Recorded at DSI Hospital, Bucks County, PA

Susan shares with an audience of grieving individuals true stories from her own life, as well as from patients, family and friends; and of souls who, following their death, found extraordinary ways to communicate their ongoing love, concern, presence and protection for their loved ones who grieve them. Be prepared to laugh, cry and be mystified and inspired by the variety of creative ways in which our loved ones who have died continue to express their love for us.
"These stories are not only a balm for the soul and heart but a real-life-endorsement of the power of Love, healing and hope."  
~Jill Samo, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Susan reaches a wide audience and connects with them on a deep level. I believe that the listeners were offered a spiritual healing and that those in attendance went home filled with more peace and tranquility."  ~Robert Sasson, M.D., Pediatrician and Author of Visions of Thought

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Intuition Is Easy and Fun: The Art and Practice of Developing Your Natural Born Gift of Intuition

-- Written and recorded by Susan Apollon
and Yanni Maniates

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