Intuitive Psychologist, Susan Barbara Apollon





I invited Mike to share with me something special for his wife. I saw a heart, a large pinkish-red heart . . . hanging from something, perhaps a string or chain . . . I turned to Lisa and shared with her what I had received from Mike. She looked at me, eyes wide, reached into the collar of her turtle-neck and pulled out an exquisite diamond necklace in the shape of the heart! . . . "This is what he was showing you. Mike gave this to me over a year ago. Within the past few weeks, I do not know why, but I had an enormous desire to take it out of its case and wear it. I have been wearing it all the time." (p. 358)

Gabriella [a 9/11 widow who'd been seeing a medium regularly] heard the medium say that her husband wanted her (the medium) to hug Gabriella. The hug was different from any that Gabriella had experienced with someone she did not know well. it was a deep, penetrating, touching hug, very much like that her husband had given her when he was alive. This is my husband, she thought to herself as she was embraced. This is my husband. And as she was saying this to herself, she heard the medium make a sound that she immediately recognized as an attempt by her husband to speak with her . . . she had been blessed with a deeper sense of connection with her husband than she had had since his death.

While he was dozing, Elena came to him, bearing two messages . . . "I know you're having a tough time with my loss, but I want you to know that everything is fine, including me!" "Jay," she continued, "every night you come into my room and ask me if I want pasta. Well, this evening, why don't we have a pasta dinner?" With that, Jay suddenly awoke. Without actually seeing Elena, he sensed her presence and knew what he had to do. He would make a pasta dinner! When Jay walked into the kitchen, he nearly tripped over a box of spaghetti on the floor, some three or four feet from the bottom shelf where it was normally stored. (pp. 263-264)

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