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Camira Powell, Reporter for 101 Magazine interviewed Susan on October 5 th. on giving advice on how to build stronger relationships with people. Focusing on concrete steps that college students and young adults can take to get to get know people beyond a polite hello, while knowing how and when to let go of people they no longer need. 101 Magazine is a lifestyle publication written for Canadians  and aims to inspire people to try new things and recognize their potential. It shares individuals' motives, drives, failures, success, lesson learned and life experiences.

CityGal Magazine ran an article based on the “Let the Sunshine in: Summer Renewal and the “ABCs” of Spiritual Healing” press release on May 23, 2011. CityGal Magazine is a quarterly women’s interest publication published as a women's empowerment magazine devoted to educating, uniting and empowering its community.  Click here for article

April 14th, 2010, Kate Fratti, in The Bucks County Courier Times, in her column, “Growing Old with Grace”, interviewed Susan, a member of Longevity University,  to discuss tips for aging with grace and also topics discussed by Longevity University professionals who wish to enable seniors to live a satisfying and comfortable life.  Click here for article

The Bucks County Courier Times, February 22, 2010, check out
following link… A Yardley family goes on a mission of mercy).. Dr.Amy Harvey, who coordinated the medical aspects of the Mission and I were interviewed about the Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic from which we had just returned. The reporter was interested in the Mission and the experience shared there by my husband, an orthodontist who practiced dentistry there, our daughter, Rebecca, an emergency medicine physician, and I, a psychologist who specializes in grief, trauma and life-challenging illness. We are grateful to the reporter, Manasee Wagh for her beautiful description of the work of the Mission. 

Monday, February 15, 2010,The Bucks County Courier Times featured a front page article about the Medical Mission to The Dominican Republic, following the earthquake in January, in which a Yardley family participated. Susan Apollon, a psychologist who specializes in trauma and grief, her husband, Warren, an orthodontist, and their daughter, Rebecca, an emergency medicine  physician, treated both citizens of The Dominican Republic and Haiti, providing free needed medical services which otherwise were unaffordable

posted an article in its March 8, 2008 edition based on “Spring Cleaning for the Spirit: Why Now Is the Natural Time to Learn the ABCs of Spiritual Healing.” You can view the article at the following link: posted a blurb and link to the HealthNews Digest article in its March 7, 2008 edition. View it directly at: 

International Society for Individual Liberty posted a blurb and link to the HealthNewsDigest article on March 6, 2008 posted the HealthNewsDigest article to its website on March 6th, 2008. For your convenience, you can view the article at:

Single Minded Women ran an article featuring Touched by the Extraordinary on March 4, 2008. Here is the link to view the article:               

Redbook Magazine, “How to Talk to a Very Ill Friend” by Ellen Welty based on an interview with Susan,… (Forthcoming – date of publication in 2008 to be announced.)

Fashion Tribes, (voted one of 20 Top fashion and lifestyle blogs, “Have a Joyful Holiday – Yes, it’s Possible. Here’s How!”  an article based on  Susan Apollon’s press release, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa): How to Bring Joy and Peace Back into the Holidays…Really!”, posted December 19, 2007, Fashion Tribes

Glam, a daily online beauty and fashion publication, posted “Have a Joyful Holiday-Yes, it’s Possible! Here’s How! Posted December 19, 2007. Please visit Glam

Spa Vacation ExpertsTips for Making Space for Holiday Joy” (especially for the grieving), December 18, 2007, Spa Vacation Experts Article

PhillyBurbs Newspaper, "Different Kind of Warmth", an interview with Kate Fratti, November 28, 2007

Bucks County Courier Times, “A Different Kind of Warmth” (an interview with Susan Apollon)  by columnist, Kate Fratti, November 28, 2007.

Personal Excellence, Spiritual Healing - Renew and Heal Your Soul.  This is an article based on the “Let the Sunshine in: Summer Renewal and the “ABCs” of Spiritual Healing” press release. August 2007  Please see page 4

Staten Island Advance, a daily region newspaper for Staten Island, NY, “What Do You Say to a Seriously Loved One? an interview with Susan Apollon by Regina Cassidy, Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Survivor’s Guide published by Prime Life Circuit Newspaper, St. Louis, MO, “Recommended Reading for Grieving- Touched by the Extraordinary,” Vol21, Issue5, August 2007


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