Intuitive Psychologist, Susan Barbara Apollon





She took her customary glance at her reflection . . . observing her mother, who was just a step behind her, striding into, or actually merging with, her. Oh my God! she thought. Mom, you're really with me - and a part of me! . . . It was in the moments following this incident that Rosalie was finally able to accept her mother's death. he found herself experiencing a surge of energy and great excitement. At the same time, she felt a sense of warmth and comfort as she realized that her other was really with her . . . Upon arriving home and pulling into her driveway, her neighbor, Jean . . . called out to her . . . "I saw you getting into your van earlier today, but honestly, I thought it was your mother - not you. Isn't that strange? (pp. 233-234)

While her mother was dying . . . "I was aware of her consciousness moving down the long, dark tunnel and leaving this world, already rejoicing in the splendor of her return to the Light. She had birthed me into this world, and I felt as though I had birthed her out of it." (pp. 55-56)

A strong shaft of light came through the window, spread onto the casket and over it . . . the light seemed to remain there during the entire time Matt spoke of his grandfather . . . A glowing, pulsating type of energy, similar to the energy of an aura that surrounds all living things, seemed to envelop the entire casket. (pp. 161-162)

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