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If you are a meeting planner, library program organizer, or bookstore community service coordinator, Susan Apollon wants to hear from you! She offers several programs that will get your audience talking!

"Susan Apollon was invited by the Counseling Faculty to present her thoughts and insights on clinical dimensions of intuition to a group of professionals. Her presentation was excellent and very well received by students, clinical supervisors, and faculty."
    - C. Emmanuel Ahia, Ph.D, JD, Program Coordinator,
    Counseling Services Program, Rider University
    Graduate School

"Thank you so much for speaking at our November Meeting. The women were captivated as they listened to some of the stories from your book. Not only was it a pleasure to listen to your calm and soothing voice, your love and compassion about the subject seemed to be contagious. We look forward to reading your book and learning more about the extraordinary."
    - Beth Brody, Langhorne Neighbors' Association

Available Programs

Susan is always willing to develop a custom presentation for your group. Here are some of the programs she's already developed:

You Are Extraordinary, Too!
Discover the Powers Within You Learn to tap in to your own intuition . . . discover your powers of mental communication with those who are not nearby, or no longer on this earth . . . understand when the universe is sending you a message—and in some cases, use that knowledge to modify your patterns of behavior and prevent disaster.

How to Create, Notice, and Experience Miracles in Our Lives
From something as simple to a ray of light to as unfathomable as a deceased loved one reassuring you, miracles are all around us. Susan walks you through the process of noticing and accepting the miracles that come to you, and even bringing more miracles into the lives of others around you.

Have You Been Touched by the Extraordinary?
It may sound shocking, but four out of every ten Americans have had a paranormal experience: communication from a deceased loved one, receiving a warning of imminent danger to yourself or a loved one, a spirit visitation . . . these experiences may take a myriad of forms. Susan will help you grasp the meaning of these encounters in your own life, and validate your knowledge that this extraordinary event really did happen to you.

How to Become an Intuitive Therapist
Aimed at professionals already in practice, this will show attenders how to expand their work with patients and clients into the realm of the paranormal. She will help attenders understand and experience the powerful healing tools and ability to clear up "old stuff" that make themselves possible when we look to the "nonlocal mind."

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