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Touched by the Extraordinary: Journey to a world where departed loved ones communicate with you . . . where guardian spirits protect you . . . and where you know things that you haven't been told.

Science expands our perceptions of what's possible. Human stories help us understand and appreciate these gifts of extraordinary moments. Touched by the Extraordinary opens windows to both aspects of this world beyond the ordinary.

"As a child I had a near-death experience and as an adult experienced a past-life. I am grateful for what they taught me about life. Touched By The Extraordinary gives us all the chance to share this experience and the wisdom it provides, as it helps us to understand. Read on and open your mind to life and creation."
-- Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of 365 "Prescriptions For The Soul" and "Help Me To Heal"

Exploring these less-discussed parts of our inner and outer universe can create powerful positive change. As you reconnect with your own soul, and with the souls of those close to you (living or dead) . . . as you heal from decades of traumas to your mind, body, and spirit . . . you have the chance to experience miracles . . . to tap into the intuitive wisdom of the universe itself.

Author Susan Apollon, a therapist and healer who has worked for over 20 years on healing from grief and loss, will help you embrace the wisdom of the "Nonlocal Mind"—that global consciousness swirling all around us and breaking down barriers—opening up communications not just from one person to another, but also between the dead and the living . . . between human and animal . . . between you and the Divine.

Touched by the Extraordinary is your roadmap on this life-changing journey! To explore this book, please use the links on the left. You'll see the books contents and index, a sample chapter, the beautiful cover, and the words of readers and reviewers who've spent time with—and grown from—the book. And, of course, there's a link to the easy order form if you're ready to experience these miracles for yourself.

I am Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

I've lost a parent
I've lost a spouse
I've lost a child
I've lost a sibling
I've lost someone else close to me

I'm Interested in Communication Beyond Human-to-Human

I'm interested in communication with someone who has died
I'm interested in communication through dreams or telepathy
I'm interested in communication with animals
I'm interested in communication with angels, spirits, or God

I Want to More Fully Develop My Intuitive Wisdom

Mind and consciousness: the latest research
Tuning in to the universal "Nonlocal Mind"
Ways to connect directly with - and strengthen - your intuition

I've Experienced, or Want to Learn About, Miracles, Prayer, and Healing

Healing serious illness
Live-saving interventions from the spirit world
The power of prayer
Other miracles

I Have Had a Near-Death or Death-and-Renewal Experience

For a soothing, relaxing & even healing experience, also
checkout Susan as she reads from Touched By The Extraordinary.


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