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Miracles . . . of healing from illness or injury, of disaster avoidance, of the right person being there at the right time, or perhaps even such small events as finding a parking place in a crowded downtown, or getting through to a human being instead of voicemail on the first try—they're all around us. Susan Apollon helps you identify and understand these remarkable experiences in her book, Touched by the Extraordinary, and shows how you can experience more miracles in every part of your own life.

"If you have had inexplicable nonordinary experiences and wondered what they meant, Touched by the Extraordinary will serve you well. Apollon's book will help each reader to discover and learn to live more fully from his or her greater self in a more meaningful and connected manner."
-- Rhea A. White
Founder and Director of Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc.

During our four days of intense training . . . we directed our healing intentions to those for whom the need was greatest . . . During each of my healing meditation experiences, I would feel great love and compassion for Amber and experience a sense of merging with her, as I had so often done before this weekend . . . I left Boston feeling richly blessed, with an increased awareness of my ability to assist others in the healing process . . . 

The next morning when I turned to Amber . . . I couldn't see the tumor . . . It was no longer there . . .  The only things we know for certain are that there was a nonoperable cancer tumor in her mouth before I let for Boston, that she had been on Transfer Factor [a natural medication] for almost two weeks at that point and that I had done healing medication work directed at Amber. Yes, there was miracle that occurred here . . . an excellent example of what can occur, in terms of healing, when we recognize the power of nonlocal mind.

"For anyone who has ever struggled with self-doubts and feelings of helplessness, this is an important book. It explains how the power of healing prayer and the compassion for all living things can create miracles, both medical and spiritual."
-- Kim Kurz
Singer and Writer

Let Susan tell you about some miracles in her own words:

[authors Yitta Haberstam and Judith Leventhal. in their Small Miracles series] quote the Talmud: "We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are . . . Whatever your perspective, your thoughts, your feelings, your life experience, whatever you bring to the moment, that is what you shall bring to your interpretation of what comes before you on your path . . . 

They write of scientists who traveled to Micronesia . . . a remote island whose inhabitants were extremely primitive and had no real conception of modern realities. These natives, when exposed to the electronic devices of the scientists, ascribed magical powers . . .  When several ships appeared on the horizon, they eagerly pointed them out to the natives. Though the ships were clearly visible to the scientists - and very much a reality - the natives were unable to see them, nor comprehend the possibility of their existence . . .  "They were outside the milieu of their experience and thus beyond their perception."

This is an excellent example of how we choose what we allow into our experience. The ships were real, at least from the perspective of the scientists, but because the natives were neither comfortable nor familiar with the event, they chose not to allow it into their experience . . . 

As a psychologist who has sat with patients who have shared countless wondrous stories of small and large miraculous events in their lives, I have come to recognize that the ability to experience miracles is often dependent on whether or not you choose to allow for the possibility of miracles in your life  . . . 

Every one of the stories I share with you . . . can be considered a miracle, if you should choose. The meaning of such experiences is what will influence your perspective regarding life and your sense of purpose . . . 

While at a retreat recently, I had the pleasure of being paired off with . . . [a man who] felt his life had been blessed with many miracles . . . Throughout his life, whenever he needed something (such as a new job, increased income, or a new home)—lo and behold! Whatever it was would appear and his needs and those of his family were met . . . It all flowed to him with the greatest of ease and certainly no resistance. When I asked him how he would define miracle, he answered" Well, miracles are those events over which you have no control, which, when they occur, serve your purpose." (pp. 123-125)

"I believe that if anything is to turn the tide of humankind to a better way of living in this miraculous world, it is the power of story. More than science, religion, philosophy, or history, it is story that speaks to us and changes us, and opens us to all the other realms of being that can only be touched in this manner. Susan Apollon has crafted a beautiful collection of stories that offer a wealth of reflective soul food for those who wonder about our connection with the afterlife - and who doesn't?"
-- Susan Chernak McElroy
Author of "Animals as Teachers and Healers "

In discussing healing miracles, Apollon lets a doctor explain why the medical world gives so little credence to miraculous recoveries:

It has been suggested by Caryle Hirshberg and Marc Barasch, authors of Remarkable Recovery, that spontaneous remissions would be better served if they were called remarkable recoveries. Why? . . . For one thing, if called remarkable recoveries, doctors would be more willing to discuss them . . . 

In the foreword to Remarkable Recovery, Larry Dossey, M.D., describes the difficulty many physicians have in dealing with spontaneous remissions. He writes of the "cancer mentality" that many doctors have, as does much of the public, which contributes to the projection of their negative expectations onto patients . . . 

He addresses the psychology of each physician and that he sees it affecting her or his attitude regarding the possibility of a remarkable recovery of a patient. the problem is that doctors do not know what to do with such events, often dismissing them as anecdotal stories, rather than interesting case histories that might in some way be related to something scientific . . .  Physicians like being in control, and they therefore tend to discount those events that appear to be flukes or which happen by chance and over which they have no control. (p. 128)

And her own philosophy:

The key to creating healing miracles, I believe, is becoming excited, passionate and joyful, no longer focusing on the diagnosis, but rather what you want out of life. It is about love, love for yourself and for everything that is important to you. it is also about letting go, letting go of the emotional and mental baggage you have been carrying with you for a lifetime. I believe the key to miracles is related to energetic change: to a sense of one's energy shifting from a low, negative experience to one that is lighter, more positive and definitely more uplifting. (p. 130)

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