Intuitive Psychologist, Susan Barbara Apollon




Sample Interview Questions

Interview questions for Susan Apollon, author of Touched by the Extraordinary

  • How did you get interested in paranormal experiences?

  • You cover a lot of ground in your book: communicating with the dead, angels, near-death experiences . . . What's the most common?

  • What proof do we have that a loved one is communicating from beyond the grave?

  • How does a near-death experience, or an encounter with a deceased loved one, change the person who experiences it?

  • How does religion play into all this?

  • In your practice, you've worked with a number of widows whose husbands were killed on 9/11. What were some of the themes these women presented to you?

  • In your book, you not only document the research and present the stories of people who've been touched by the extraordinary, but you also describe a number of situations that you yourself experienced. Could you tell us one of those that was particularly meaningful?

  • What made you decide to write the book?

  • I understand you have a special offer for our listeners; please tell us about it.

  • How can our listeners get a copy?

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