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Your deceased loved ones are with us, still. Susan Apollon has chronicled dozens of examples of those who are deceased reaching out to us, letting us know that they are safe, and showing their care and love - sometimes even intervening to save the life of a loved one who is still walking in our world! Knowing that others have been through this experience of grief, understanding that these loved ones are watching over us, and learning to catch the sometimes-subtle signs of their angel-like presence in our lives . . . all of these help the healing process.

As a therapist who is tuned in to these "extraordinary" experiences, Susan, in her book, Touched by the Extraordinary, uses her research and the stories of those who have shared with her to provide a roadmap for recovery.

Loved ones who have died often return for the purpose of letting us know that we have grieved enough . . . There is no right way to say goodbye to your loved one. what makes me smile is that deceased loved ones forget that they are there, on the other side, and that we are here, in our physical bodies, with our egos, thoughts and emotions that accompany any normal human being. Naturally we are going to grieve, and because much of grief is learned or conditioned by our life experience, many of us are going to deeply grieve. (p. 343)

"Apollon gives compelling and comforting evidence of the continuation and expansion of individuated life force beyond the form of habitation commonly known as a person residing in the world. Her work comes from many years of service to humanity, and through careful and exhaustive investigation she leads the reader towards acceptance of life as an eternal process. Susan's contributive work is part of our collective journey of understanding the mystery of life."
Reverend Bruce Kellogg, Pastoral Counselor Minister, Sacramento CA

"Touched by the Extraordinary is full of true stories about the power of spirit that will inspire and uplift everyone. This book affirms beyond all doubt that our true essence is not limited by time or space - and that life and death are far more magnificent and meaningful than we've ever dreamed possible."
Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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