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Touched by the Extraordinary
"Susan provides her audience with a spiritual roadmap of the metaphysical world, sharing her own personal evolution and growth of consciousness. Her stories and experiences bestow great comfort to those in despair and can help each of us to boldly embrace our future and relinquish our fear of uncertainty."
Robert Sasson, M.D.

Dear Extraordinary One,

Hi I'm Susan Apollon. Thank you for checking out Touched By The Extraordinary.
As a Psychologist who has worked with those dealing with trauma, loss and life after life, my patients have shared with me stunning stories of amazing healings, miracles and their loved ones or divine and angelic beings finding ways to communicate their presence with them.

They knew they could not bring their stories to others for fear of being labeled irrational or crazy. Consequently, I felt the need to begin my own research to better understand and help them with the meaning of their experiences. The results is Touched By The Extraordinary.

The material for this book comes from more than 10 years of research dealing with consciousness and quantum physics and interviews of patients and others, as well as, my studies of various energy modalities and my own journey of intuitive development.

While I originally wrote Touched By The Extraordinary to comfort and soothe many, including my patients, I came to realize that I needed to share what I had learned about the process of healing and creating or manifesting needed miracles. I also needed to validate the experiences of everybody who has had moments of feeling connected to their own divinity and immortality.

This is my gift to you. If you or a loved one is challenged by cancer or a similar life-challenging illness or dealing with issues of trauma, loss or simply life - know that you are truly a powerful and intuitive being capable of creating your own hopes and dreams.

Many have written to me that Touched By The Extraordinary has provided them with hope when there was none, as well as tips and techniques for reclaiming a person's sense of power and well-being and some have written to me of feeling comforted just knowing they are watched over and protected.

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of The Uniqueness of Intuition


The ultimate teaching and gift for me personally coming from Touched By The Extraordinary is that we are not only touched by the extraordinary, rather we are Extraordinary. May you be blessed and graced with the awareness of your own divinity.  

Science expands our perceptions of what's possible. Human stories help us understand and appreciate these gifts of extraordinary moments. Touched by the Extraordinary opens windows to both aspects of the world beyond the ordinary.

That there is a world beyond our five senses is common knowledge. Yet, too often, we tend to believe what we see instead of believing the true nature of what is; that what we believe, we see. Science and technology have brought us far, but still can't explain our inner and outer universe.

Touched by the Extraordinary, the astounding new book by Susan Apollon contains a fabulous collection of spiritual wisdom that will inspire you and guide you through the labyrinth of life on this physical plane. It's a book that will help you, motivate you, inspire and guide you along the inner path of your life.

"As a child I had a near-death experience..."

"As a child I had a near-death experience and as an adult experienced a past-life. I am grateful for what they taught me about life.

Touched By The Extraordinary gives us all the chance to share this experience and the wisdom it provides, as it helps us to understand. Read on and open your mind to life and creation."

-- Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and
Help Me To Heal


"Touched by the Extraordinary brings
an intimacy to the listener..."

“Impressively recorded in an intimately presented audiobook format, Touched by the Extraordinary brings an intimacy to the listener that only an author’s heartfelt and deftly presented narration can convey.

Very highly recommended, “Touched by the Extraordinary” is characterized by being a thoughtful and thought-provoking audiobook that is ideal as a quiet listening experience at home, and as a welcome addition to community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement audiobook reference collections.”

-- Jim Cox
Editor in Chief - Midwest Book Review


Exploring these less-discussed parts of our inner and outer universe can create powerful, positive change. As you reconnect with your soul, and with the souls of those close to you (living or dead) . . . as you heal from decades of traumas to your mind, body, and spirit . . . you have the chance to experience miracles . . . to tap into the intuitive wisdom of the universe itself.

Perhaps, in the quiet moments of your daily life,
you have asked yourself those questions that have
confounded our wisest and most knowledgeable minds.

Questions such as:

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  Why am I here?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  What is the nature of the soul?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  What is my soul’s purpose?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  What happens after we die?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  Is the dying process painful?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  Is there life after death?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  Do loved ones who have died know that they have passed on?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  Can the dead communicate with the living?

redhandstar.jpg - 1790 Bytes  How does the communication take place?

What about angels, spiritual guides and Masters? Are meaningful coincidences just coincidences? Does prayer work? What accounts for remarkable healings and miracles? I think we are all confronted with these most basic and, yet, powerfully mysterious questions at one time or another during the course of our physical existence on this small planet.

Here's another sample entitled Saved By A Prayer

I've worked as an author, therapist and healer for over 20 years years on healing people from grief and loss, will help you embrace the wisdom of the "Nonlocal Mind" -- that global consciousness swirling all around us, breaking down barriers, opening up communications, not just from one person to another, but also between the dead and the living, between human and animal, between you and the Divine.

Allow my astonishing voyage in Touched by the Extraordinary to be your roadmap on this life-affirming, life-changing journey!

"...healer, teacher, mentor and friend
to so many people..."

"I have known Susan Apollon for over twelve years now and I am so very grateful. She truly is a gift from Heaven. Everyone who knows her is touched by her generosity, warmth, joy and her ability to love so fully and abundantly.

She is one of those people who you know Heaven has brought into your life. Her whole presence—her voice and her demeanor all bring a calmness and peace to anyone who meets her.

She, as well, is a healer, teacher, mentor and friend to so many people. Her humility, gentleness and kindness are so genuine and embracing. You feel as if you are in the presence of an angel. Actually, if she isn’t an angel in disguise—and I really think she is—then she is certainly inspired by a whole host of Angels.

Get to know her, you will truly be blessed!"

-- Yanni Maniates,

Author of Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life.



"Her healing energy can be felt through each
word, sentence and story..."

“Susan’s audio book series takes an amazing book and transforms it into a conversation with a gifted spiritual being. Her healing energy can be felt through each word, sentence and story. Her book was not to be read and left on a shelf, rather it is to be experienced and embraced as it is alive with daily lessons.”

-- Dr. Beth DuPree,

Breast Cancer Surgeon and
Author of The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing


"I smiled and cried, learned and shared,
experienced pain and healing..."

"Combining her talents as a compassionate spiritual psychologist and healer/researcher, Susan eloquently guides you down a journey where there are no limits to experiences.

With Susan I smiled and cried, learned and shared, experienced pain and healing -- such a precious gift no one should let pass by."

-- Ellen Saracini,
Wife of Victor Saracini, captain of United Airlines Flight 175, hijacked by terrorists on 9/11/2001


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Perhaps you're suffering the loss of a loved one.

You may have:

bullet Lost a parent
bullet Lost a spouse or partner
bullet Lost a child
bullet Lost a sibling
bullet Even lost a pet

Touched by the Extraordinary can show you a different way -- a way that will guide you through the pain and suffering of personal loss.

Susan has chronicled dozens of examples of those who have passed on, reaching out to us, letting us know that they are safe, and showing they care and love -- sometimes, even intervening to save the life of a loved one still living in the physical world! Understanding that loved ones are watching over us, and learning to catch the subtle signs of their presence in our lives can help speed up the healing process tremendously.

As an intuitive therapist who is tuned in to these "extraordinary" experiences, Susan uses her research and true stories to provide a roadmap for recovery. Read Touched by the Extraordinary today and get a dose of this healing power in your own life.

"she leads the reader towards acceptance
of life as an eternal process..."

"Apollon gives compelling and comforting evidence of the continuation and expansion of individuated life force beyond the form of habitation commonly known as a person residing in the world.

Her work comes from many years of service to humanity, and through careful and exhaustive investigation she leads the reader towards acceptance of life as an eternal process.

Susan's contributive work is part of our collective journey of understanding the mystery of life."

-- Reverend Bruce Kellogg

Pastoral Counselor Minister,
Sacramento CA


" and death are far more magnificent and meaningful than we've ever dreamed possible."

"Touched by the Extraordinary is full of true stories about the power of spirit that will inspire and uplift everyone. This book affirms beyond all doubt that our true essence is not limited by time or space - and that life and death are far more magnificent and meaningful than we've ever dreamed possible."

-- Christiane Northrup, MD

Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom


"... Susan’s compassion and talent shine
throughout this volume."

"If you have ever suffered through agonizing loss, been bewildered by mysterious serendipity or premonitions, or contemplated the interconnectedness of souls, Touched by the Extraordinary by intuitive psychologist Susan Apollon is a book you won’t be able to put down.

A delightfully gifted guide and teacher, Susan’s compassion and talent shine throughout this volume. Her years of experience combined with her insightful perceptions lend credibility to her guiding touch.

Touched by the Extraordinary has the ability to validate one’s feelings, renew your confidence and will leave you convinced you’ve been granted permission to believe your deepest, innermost feelings…to accept the guidance of your soul."

-- Anita Bergen

Author of Life and Other Options


"...Susan’s astonishing stories will
touch you with divine grace"

"There couldn’t be a better person to have written and recorded Touched by the Extraordinary than Susan Apollon.

Filled with stories that will not only inspire you, this book will give you a glimpse into the mystery with which every life is connected.

Susan’s astonishing stories will touch you with divine grace and healing. I love this book!"

-- Terri Marie

Award-Winning Author and Producer


"... she will guide you to such moments – and once there, you will be Touched by the Extraordinary."

"There are moments in life powerful enough to change us forever – moments when our journey seems so clear, when the meaning of life is no longer sought after, but experienced, and when we celebrate the understanding that we are part of the magic of the universe.

Susan Apollon understands such things. Through elegant words, wisdom nurtured in the service of others, and exhilaration forged in the exploration of the unknown, she will guide you to such moments – and once there, you will be Touched by the Extraordinary."

-- William E. Hablitzel, M.D.

Author of
Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me: Stories of Healing and Wisdom Along Life’s Journey


Maybe your interest lies in a different direction.
Perhaps you're interested in communication that
goes beyond the normal human to human kind.

Are you:

bullet Interested in communicating with someone who has died?
bullet Interested in communicating through dreams or telepathy?
bullet Interested in communicating with animals?
bullet Iterested in communicating with angels, spirits, or God?

Touched by the Extraordinary is loaded with powerful stories of the deceased communicating with the living. Susan Apollon has been collecting these messages for many years. Through her personal experience, her field research and her comprehensive reading and studying, she not only shares these remarkable experiences in the book, but helps us understand what it means when a loved one "returns."

You'll also find answers to some of the world's oldest and most profound questions. What is it like to die? What messages do the dead have for those left behind?

You will also learn:
bullet How to find and listen to your "still inner voice"
bullet How to receive messages from those who have died
bullet How to more fully develop your intuitive wisdom
bullet The latest research on the mind and consciousness
bullet How to tune in to the universal "Nonlocal Mind"
bullet Ways to connect directly with -- and strengthen -- your intuition

Our society is only just beginning to learn how to fully use our rational minds to understand our spiritual selves. Touched by the Extraordinary is a quantum leap in understanding the new spiritual paradigm in our society. Reading this book could change your life.

But listen, you don't have to take my word about how much this wonderful book has affected those who have had the privilege of experiencing its spiritual strength. Here are some more comments from others who've read Touched by the Extraordinary:

"Touched by the Extraordinary is a
gift of love and wisdom..."

"Touched by the Extraordinary is a gift of love and wisdom from Susan for all of us who are seeking new spiritual understandings, remarkable stories of premonitions of death, after-death communications, extraordinary encounters with angels and of the healing power of prayer.

I personally was stunned and amazed by Touched by the Extraordinary. It is, itself, an extraordinary book. This book is an essential step in catalyzing a new spiritual paradigm in our society. Read this book. It can change your life."

-- Melvin Morse, M.D.

Near-Death researcher and author of
Closer to the Light
and Where God Lives


"Superbly written and thoroughly accessible..."

"Superbly written and thoroughly accessible from beginning to end ... informed and informative reading strongly recommended for dedicated students of Metaphysical Studies..."

-- Jim Cox
Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review


"Susan was talking directly to me, sharing all that she has learned over the years."

"Touched by the Extraordinary was written with such warmth and love. I felt Susan was talking directly to me, sharing all that she has learned over the years. Susan takes a difficult subject and presents it in an easy to understand manner."

-- Josey Rosenthal
Cancer Survivor


"...learn to live more fully from his or her greater self..."

"If you have had inexplicable, non-ordinary experiences and wondered what they meant, Touched by the Extraordinary will serve you well. Apollon's book will help each reader to discover and learn to live more fully from his or her greater self in a more meaningful and connected manner."

-- Rhea A. White
Founder and Director of Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc.


"...all living things can create miracles,
both medical and spiritual."

"For anyone who has ever struggled with self-doubts and feelings of helplessness, this is an important book. It explains how the power of healing prayer and the compassion for all living things can create miracles, both medical and spiritual."

-- Kim Kurz
Singer and Writer


" reconnects, refocuses and remembers..."

"Touched by the Extraordinary ... escorts the reader inward to an assured, settled, knowing place. Once there, one reconnects, refocuses and remembers the capacity to see, sense, feel, and joyfully experience the eternal life and love of another."

-- Josi Feit
Metastatic Cancer Survivor


"...we can bring forth the Divine and
create miracles in our own lives."

"In a world in which phenomena elude the human eye, and the rational and cynical mind casts aside that which cannot be explained, yet the heart is moved and the soul yearns for embracing,

Susan has compassionately and courageously brought her wealth of experience as a therapist, and her many personal encounters with the extraordinary to the reader.

She is a healer who has touched a myriad of lives in her travels, and her extraordinary work lovingly offers her credo that we can bring forth the Divine and create miracles in our own lives."

-- Rabbi Andrew R. Sklarz, MA, MSW


About one in every 30 Americans have had a Near-Death Experience (NDE).

In her innovative new book, Touched by the Extraordinary, Susan explores this powerful experience, along with much, much more. She shares the findings of physicians like Dr. Melvin Morse, a pediatrician who began studying NDEs after hearing convincing stories from many of his young patients who had experienced near death and Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who wrote the ground-breaking book, On Death and Dying.

After reading this must-have book, Susan wants you to consider the possibility that the "Nonlocal Mind," -- a global consciousness that spans the boundaries of time and space and of life and death -- is something you can tap into, turn to in times of need, and seek comfort from at any time.

There is no other time than the "Now," the only place where there is peace and well being; life is meant to be lived in the "Now." Don't put it off for another moment. Take the first step toward your new understanding of the ways of the universe. A step toward remembering those things long forgotten that will expose the truth of the way of things to you.

Get your copy of Touched by the Extraordinary right NOW!

And if that's not enough to convince you that you need to have this remarkable book, here are more testimonials from people from all walks of life who have had the chance to experience the wonder of this profound book:

"Susan guides the reader to the realization that love can break through the barriers of time and space..."

"Susan beautifully illustrates that the 'Energy of Love' is the key component to the wisdom of intuition. Through dozens of personally related experiences, Susan guides the reader to the realization that love can break through the barriers of time and space ... and it is love which allows miracles to happen.

By the time the reader finishes this book, he or she will not only 'believe' in the possibilities of miracles ... but will 'expect' a miracle."

-- Susan DeLorenzo
Reiki Master/Teacher


"Susan Apollon has crafted a beautiful collection of stories that offer a wealth of reflective soul food..."

"I believe that if anything is to turn the tide of humankind to a better way of living in this miraculous world, it is the power of story. More than science, religion, philosophy, or history, it is story that speaks to us and changes us, and opens us to all the other realms of being that can only be touched in this manner.

Susan Apollon has crafted a beautiful collection of stories that offer a wealth of reflective soul food for those who wonder about our connection with the afterlife and who doesn't?"

-- Susan Chernak McElroy

Author, Animals as Teachers and Healers


"Losing, first a husband and, then, my only child,
is pain too incomprehensible ..."

"Susan Apollon's book renews, re-establishes, and, most importantly, re-spiritualizes our lives. Losing, first a husband and, then, my only child, is pain too incomprehensible for most people. Without her understanding of a greater spiritual world, I would still be drowning in darkness and despair."

-- Sandra Esner
President of Angels Without Wings


"...a wonderful book that is a true guide through the synchronicities of the extraordinary."

"Touched By The Extraordinary is a wonderful book that is a true guide through the synchronicities of the extraordinary. Susan Apollon has written a book that is a combination of instruction and uplifting stories so filled with light, love and hope that I found it difficult to put it down."

-- Fiona Havlish
Wife of Donald Havlish, 9/11/2001 World Trade Center victim


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When You Can Walk 
                on Water, Take the Boat

"When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat"
by John Harricharan

"When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" is the award-winning bestseller by John Harricharan. This inspiring "Waterbook" will take you on an amazing journey through pain, challenges and sacrifice from which you'll emerge with a glorious new perspective.

Harricharan's inspirational point of view created an international following that caused "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" to be published in the languages of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The Russian and Romanian editions will be available soon.


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"Morning Has Been All Night Coming"
by John Harricharan

The amazing sequel to "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" is "Morning Has Been All Night Coming" by John Harricharan.

The "Waterbook" saga continues as we are shown how to cope with and overcome the most serious challenges life can offer. Truly inspirational... A life changing read!


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Bonus #3

Journey in the Fields of 

 "Journey in the Fields of Forever"
by John Harricharan

The inspiring conclusion, "Journey in the Fields of Forever," is the third (and last) book in John Harricharan's phenomenal "Waterbook" trilogy. This volume has become a favorite of many "Waterbook" fans. You won't want to miss this concluding episode.


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Bonus #4

joesebook.jpg - 13974 Bytes
"Special Report - Intuition"
by John Harricharan

A concise, clear, step by step approach to learning how to tap into and use our intuition. Highly recommended special report for anyone interested in finding out how to use their natural gift of intuition to increase prosperity and joy in their lives.

Value: $39.00

Bonus #5

joesebook.jpg - 13974 Bytes
by John Harricharan

Brad Steiger, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Deepak Chopra, Richard Bach, Foster Hibbard and a special interview with John Harricharan, transcribed into pdf format.

This is your opportunity to "listen in" and gain insight into some of the most amazing and inspiring personalities of all times.

Value: $39.00

Bonus #6

joesebook.jpg - 13974 Bytes
"Pause and Reflect"
by Anita Bergen

Inspiring Insights for the Weary, Frustrated, Bewildered, Curious and Somewhat Skeptical

There are times during some of our most difficult personal conflicts and tragedies when life seems to lose its meaning. The wonderfully inspirational quotes, compiled by Anita Bergen in this remarkable collection, are sure to help you find your way.

Value: Priceless

Thank you for reading through this page. Touched by the Extraordinary will bring a new and joyful perspective into your life and the lives of all those you touch.

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  • You may use the CDs as a relaxation tool. Susan’s gentle voice and reassuring message will alleviate your anxieties help you unwind at the end of the day.
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Hearing an author read her work aloud is an experience unlike any other. Her intent comes through in the nuances of her speech patterns—and in the words and phrases she chooses to emphasize—in ways that mere “ink on paper” can’t replicate.

“For me, the process of recording these CDs has been a gift,” reflects Susan. “It actually allowed me to understand the very words I had written in a new light. By reading these stories and insights aloud, I feel that I am able to connect with readers on a deep, very personal level—on a heart level.”

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