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Near Death Experience

Some 8 million people in the U.S. alone—that's about one in every 30 Americans have had a Near-Death Experience (NDE). They have hovered above their body, followed a tunnel (sometimes accompanied by deceased friends and relatives) to a source of light, power, and peace—and then returned to a body that may have been declared clinically dead, to live out their natural lives for years or decades beyond that event.

Millions more have stood on the brink of death, but were helped by a Presence to step back from the edge and return to the living: powerful invisible hands holding them to the surface just before they would drown, angelic forces rescuing them from death in a fire or accident . . . 

NDEs are transformative: a wake-up call that takes away the fear of death and catalyzes a deeper search for meaning and purpose in the life we are given on this earth.

In her groundbreaking book, Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stores of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul, Susan Apollon explores this powerful experience, along with much more. She shares research into NDEs by scientists such as Dr. Melvin Morse—a once-skeptical pediatrician who began studying NDEs after hearing convincing stories from many of his young patients who had experienced NDEs.

Susan wants you to consider the possibility that the "nonlocal mind," a global consciousness that spans the boundaries of time and space and of life and death, is something you can tap into, turn to in times of need, and seek comfort from at any time.

"As a child I had a near-death experience and as an adult experienced a past-life. I am grateful for what they taught me about life. Touched By The Extraordinary gives us all the chance to share this experience and the wisdom it provides, as it helps us to understand. Read on and open your mind to life and creation."
-- Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of "365 Prescriptions For The Soul" and "Help Me To Heal"

The nonlocal mind expresses itself in all sorts of ways. Susan's book shares deeply personal stories of people from all walks of life who have communicated with a deceased loved one, been protected by an angelic force, and otherwise experienced the love that the universe has for itself, and for each one of us who are part of it.

Susan herself has experienced many touches of the nonlocal mind, including a deep and meaningful encounter with her deceased mother-in-law. She also collects and shares the stories of those who have experienced the extraordinary in different ways . . . like the widows of those killed on September 11th . . . the six-year-old boy who at a young age, had a premonition of his unexpected impending death, and lovingly made a will that honored the important people in his life . . . or the woman whose dead father returned to try to warn her away from driving, and to save her life after the crash that happened immediately afterward.

If you want to understand Near-Death Experiences, open up your own intuitive power, or experience the love and healing that people from all walks of life share within its pages, Touched by the Extraordinary is an important book to read.

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