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A Primer for Creating Miracles
by Susan Barbara Apollon

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. I believe in the latter. —Albert Einstein

Need a miracle?

You have the resources to create your own! Whether you need a miracle regarding your health, finances, or career, know that you are capable of manifesting well-being, abundance, or your heart’s desire.

Blood work and a CAT scan confirmed a tumor in Anita’s thyroid. Though she initially felt overwhelmed, Anita was determined to create a miracle—which she did. We quickly instituted improved and comfortable ways of thinking, feeling, and living that enabled her body’s immune system to produce chemicals needed to fight her cancer. Anita’s second CAT scan revealed no sign of the tumor.

Interestingly, as she learned that the tumor had disappeared, the sacred thread she had been wearing (blessed by Tibetan monks) fell off, without her unknotting it! In October 2000, our then 15-year-old golden retriever, Amber, was diagnosed with a form of mucocutaneous lymphosarcoma. In November 2001, I attended a workshop on Larry LeShan’s Type I meditation techniques (LeShan has been honored by Harvard for his research on consciousness). For four days I engaged in intense healing meditation, focusing on filling with love and merging with universal energy and with Amber. When I arrived home, I was stunned to discover that beautiful, pink, healthy gum tissue had replaced Amber’s ugly tumor. We had experienced a genuine miracle, and if I could help Amber heal, anyone could!

The following guidelines are based on two decades of research on the mind and consciousness.

1. Remember: Vibration is everything. You are an energetic, vibratory being. Every thought and image you focus on causes you to feel a particular emotion and vibrate at a particular frequency. Emotions such as despair, anger, shame, and greed reflect low vibrational frequencies. Experiences of love, joy, peace, and enlightenment are among the highest frequencies. Be mindful of what you choose to focus on!

2. Remember the law of attraction: Like attracts like. You attract that which you are vibrationally. Focus on negativity, and you vibrate at that level. Worse yet, you attract similar low-vibration experiences. Unfortunately, many tend to focus on their fears. However, focus on love and joy, and you vibrate at a higher frequency level, attracting to you equivalent vibrational experiences. It makes more sense to focus on feel-good thoughts.

3. Miracles are born out of changing your perspective and opening your heart. When you get out of your own way, when you move out of your head and out of the box in which you operate and come from your heart, miracles happen.

4. Remember the power of intention. Clearly visualize your dreams. Write down your intentions daily (such as being well or financially secure). While writing, feel enthusiasm and excitement as you anticipate the manifestation of your desires. This creates in you a high vibrational frequency, which attracts vibrational equivalents. Journal, draw, imagine, cut out pictures, and talk about your intentions. Intend to have joy!

5. The power of choice: Choose joy and love over fear and “reality.” When dealing with a frightening diagnosis, do not focus on the diagnosis. Rather, do everything necessary for well-being—but do not think or worry about or discuss the problem. Notice your feeling, feel your emotion, and quickly release and replace it with feel-better thoughts and activities (anger feels better than sadness!).

  • Journal your feel-good thoughts.

  • For 15 minutes daily, sit, visualize, and feel the excitement of living your dreams.

  • Focus on your passion, while making it happen.

  • Focus on what will make you laugh out loud!

6. Breathe! Breathe consciously, and you will feel joy, peace, and experience a sense of connection with your own soul and those of others. For example, focus on breathing in up to the count of 8, 9, or 10; hold your breath to the count of 8 or more; then follow your breath out to 10 or more, while visualizing it traveling through your body, warming and relaxing your cells. A vibrational shift will occur internally, releasing neuropeptides in the brain for well-being. Focus on your breath (long breaths and normal, easy breathing) 15 minutes daily. Practice the breath anywhere (while waiting for your kids, doctor, or dentist). The more you breathe, the easier it is to shift to a higher vibration. And whenever you experience fear, breathe consciously. It works!

7. Choose love and compassion. While breathing, focus on a loving memory, such as when you first held a baby, kitten, or puppy. See and feel your heart filling with warm feelings of unconditional love. Give this a color, perhaps pink. Feel your heart overflowing and filling the cells of your body with love. Enjoy this as a warm embrace. You may wish to send this loving energy to someone special. You may also visualize universal or divine energy and then see and feel yourself merging with this energy. You may then merge with a loved one for whom you have concerns. Stay with this, enjoying the awareness of both the giving and the receiving of an embrace of love.

8. Process unfinished business, forgive, and surrender. Your inability to forgive draws more energy from you than it does from anyone else. Forgiveness serves you and not the other. It frees you energetically, permitting you to shift to a higher vibration and allow in your desires. Journal and process your unresolved painful feelings. Feel compassion for the other and for yourself, then surrender your feelings to the universe. Forgiveness gets easier with time.

9. Learn the power of caring for others. Find someone or something that needs you. Filling with love and compassion for others shifts you energetically to a higher frequency and enhances the functioning of your immune system. By volunteering, cooking dinners for the needy, or checking in on the elderly, you serve others as well as yourself.

10. Give thanks. Frequently give thanks for your blessings. Gratitude is calibrated as one of our higher frequencies. When you remember to be grateful, you naturally shift to a higher vibration. Your body enjoys the healing vibration of gratitude. For example, I automatically lift my face to the heavens when I leave the food market, giving thanks for the magnificence of the day and for the gift of abundant food. Giving thanks feeds your soul and your body.

11. Know the magic of prayer. I am not referring to anything religious here— know that prayer itself is powerful. Research on prayer in the laboratory demonstrates that prayer works. The simplest prayer is “help me, please.” When in need, ask everyone you know and prayer circles to pray for you.

12. Read about creating miracles. Hirshberg and Barasch, Pearsall, and Raud are just a few who have written about creating miracles when diagnosed with life-challenging illnesses. Additionally, A Course in Miracles illustrates the power of love in the healing process. These materials broaden your perspective and open your heart to possibilities of miracles happening in your life. May miracles always be with you!

Susan Apollon is a psychologist who has been practicing in Yardley, Pennsylvania, for 20 years. A researcher of mind, consciousness, intuition, healing, prayer, and life after life, she is also the author of Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul. Susan appears frequently on radio and television and lectures and conducts workshops on healing from grief, creating miracles in your life, developing your intuition, communicating with deceased loved ones, and living a joyful life. Her intention is to enable you to know your own power and ability to create your heart’s desires.

Visit her Web site at, or email her at Copyright © 2006, Susan Barbara Apollon

"Making Miracles: A Primer for Creating Miracles," is in the book s"101 Ways to Improve Your Life" by David Rifkin, published by Self Improvement Online, Inc., Marlboro, New Jersey, 2006.

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