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After Death Communication

What is it like to die? What messages do the deceased have for those of us left behind? Intuitive psychologist Susan Apollon has been collecting messages from the dead for many years. Through her personal experience, her field research and her wide reading, she not only chronicles these remarkable experiences in her book, Touched by the Extraordinary, but helps us understand what it means when a loved one "returns."


A few among many stories from the book, starting with one of Apollon's clients:

One of the most comforting experiences is that of breathing in the scent of a loved one. Extraordinary olfactory events involving the sense of connection with a deceased loved one . . . the surprise of suddenly and unexpectedly smelling a familiar floral scent, or sometimes that of a favorite perfume, cologne or toilet water - even that of a favorite flower - of their loved one. I am often told that these scents come quickly, linger only a few moments and then are gone. However, the sense of the presence of the loved one remains long after the scent has disappeared . . .

While holding her daughter's favorite jeans, Anna suddenly picked up the scent of her daughter's favorite perfume . . . she knew, with absolutely no doubt, that her daughter was letting her know she was still with her . . . To go one step further, Anna picked up the scent in my office during the following session. The experience was enormously comforting for Anna, who used these moments of connection as opportunities to let her daughter know how much she missed and loved her.

I also was comforted by the experience . . . the scent of Anna's daughter's perfume that served to validate my own intuitive sense that her daughter had been present with both of us during the session. (pp. 31-32)


Here, Apollon herself meets with a friend who is an intuitive:

"I am getting a woman with reddish blonde hair. A Molly? Do you know a Molly?" My heart took off as I told Samantha, "That's my mother-in-law. that's Molly!" And with this, I quietly said hello to her. I remember feeling very surprised and honored by her visit. She rarely chose to come on her own to me.

"Your husband is working very hard, she says, and she's worried about him," said Samantha. "He has to slow down," continued Samantha. He needs a break - a vacation. He is working much too hard. she repeats how worried she is about his health." As Samantha spoke, I sat there shaking my head in agreement, saying, "I know, I know."

I had recently been discussing the same concerns with our daughter . . . Both of us had been very concerned about the stressful conditions surrounding my husband's work. He had been working nonstop for several moths, having recently sold his practice, merged with another and then moved into a new office. My mother-in-law's comments came as no surprise.

"She's saying that you haven't been to the ballet or the theater recently. You used to go to the city, to New York, to see shows?" asked Samantha. I told her that we had, but that recently we just hadn't been able to get away. "You both need to make time to get away and relax. She's saying that she's worried about you also, Susan. She is really emphatic about you both working too hard. Now is the time, she says, for you to have fun and enjoy yourselves . . . Mom is so right, I thought to myself. I just don't know what to do about it.

"How is she doing?" I asked Samantha. "I get the feeling of her being sad, Susan," said Samantha. "Is she buried in Florida?" As I nodded my head . . . "She is telling me that no one has been to her grave recently" . . . "Mom, in just four weeks, we will be in Miami, and we will bring you spectacular pink roses" . . .

Molly had come for several reasons. In addition to voicing the concerns she had for her son, as any loving other would wish to do, and expressing her desire for company at her grave as well as flowers, she wanted to share some information with me about our children. What makes this rather extraordinary is that the information was being given to me because she had been listening to my daily prayers.

Yes, our prayers are heard. They are heard by not only the Divine to whom we pray, but also buy all loved ones who live in the fabric of the universe . . .

She came wanting to comfort me by providing information regarding the well-being of our children. Though caught totally off guard by this gift, I was extremely grateful.

Before leaving, Molly returned again to her worries about both my husband and myself. We needed to stop and enjoy life now, she emphasized, before it was too late. I knew her message was important and carried with it a sense of urgency. "Thank you, Mom, for coming and for watching over us," I said to her as she finished her visit with me. Her love and concern had touched me deeply.

Within the hour, I scribbled notes to help me recall the details of her visit. I also began planning the vacation that we had talked about for so long but had not made happen. Thanks to Molly, it was to become a reality! (pp. 166-169)

Susan Apollon has worked with a number of 911 widows, including Fiona, whose husband Don was killed that day.

Just a week before September 11th, Fiona had asked Don to replace all of the eight fluorescent light bulbs in the kitchen. Even after replacing the bulbs, they noticed that the light failed to work without problems. There always seemed to be problems with the light - until September 11th.

Fiona recalls coming home, after hearing of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, and finding that she had absolutely no problems with the kitchen light . . . It was not until two days later that it dawned on her that the light had worked perfectly since September 11th. She even remembered quietly thanking don for making the lights work, since she did not have the strength or patience to fix lights at that point.

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