Intuitive Psychologist, Susan Barbara Apollon





About six weeks before his death . . . Todd [age 6] walked over. . . looking very sad and troubled. His large eyes filled with tears that gently rolled down his cheeks . . . "I am going to die, mom and Dad." And, handing his parents three sheets of paper, he said, "This is my will." . . . Todd had actually made two copies. [His mother] could not help but think how extraordinary this was for a child of only six. Todd's will, including the manner in which he detailed and described his belongings and to whom he was leaving them, was a reflection of his compassion, sensitivity and genuine sense of caring about others . . . Todd had made sure that he left something of his to each of those friends and family members with whom he had a loving connection while alive. (pp. 193-194)

Given the similarity of the situation, perhaps what happened to her son would also happen to her daughter . . . She started to pray: Please, God. Give me a sign that I have nothing to fear and that everything will be fine. She continued on their tour . . . It was not long before they were provided with a guide, a handsome young man with dark hair named Yoav . . . Leah allowed herself to relax and breathe more easily. She no longer felt a sense of dread and concern.  She absolutely knew that all would be well. Why? Yoav happens to be the name of one of her other two sons. Her prayers had been answered.

Since Steven's death [at 17] Carol . . . has been surprised at hearing Steven's voice and feeling his presence . . . she has smelled the cologne, something that was a combination of musk and vanilla, that Steven loved to wear. Steven had a great sense of humor and loved to play jokes on his family while in physical form. he evidently still does. While his mom was peeling potatoes for a Sunday dinner, the potato sack suddenly moved, on its own, a few inches to the right, just as though someone had pushed it over. Startled, Carlo caught her breath and scolded Steven for scaring her, though she admitted it was good to know that he was close by. (p. 66)

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