I Love to Listen to Susan Apollon's
Touched By The Extraordinary's  CD's when my multiple sclerosis acts up because her soothing voice can relax me and put me into a whole new world. It is as if she is right there with me and she understands what I am going through.
Terry L. Kovalchick

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The Uniqueness of Intuition

The Nonlocal and Intuitive Aspects of Psychic Energy

The Angels of World War 1

Saved by a Prayer

Dr. Orloff's Perspective on Synchronicity

If Only They Had Listened

Grateful to Be Alive

Becoming One with Our Loved One

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• You may listen while you read, absorbing Susan’s powerful stories and life changing message in two ways.

• You may listen to the audio presentation during your daily commute, while you exercise, or while you do household chores.

• You may use the CDs as a relaxation tool. Susan’s gentle voice and reassuring message will alleviate your anxieties help you unwind at the end of the day.

• You may keep the book for yourself and share the CDs with a friend or loved one who has reading difficulties, vision problems or other debilitating health issues.

• You may give the entire package to someone you care about to commemorate a birthday, holiday or other special occasion. Here’s one more opportunity to consider:

Hearing an author read her work aloud is an experience unlike any other. Her intent comes through in the nuances of her speech patterns—and in the words and phrases she chooses to emphasize—in ways that mere “ink on paper” can’t replicate.

“For me, the process of recording these CDs has been a gift,” reflects Susan. “It actually allowed me to understand the very words I had written in a new light. By reading these stories and insights aloud, I feel that I am able to connect with readers on a deep, very personal level—on a heart level.”

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No Thanks -- I'm just interested in the book right now and will have to pass-up the great price on the CD\Book Package

I will just choose the CD's alone. No book, just the 11 CD's read by the author.


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