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Gifts come in many shapes and sizes. For twenty years patients have been sharing their amazing stories of experiencing deceased loved ones, being saved from life- threatening situations by listening to intuitive voices and messages, meetings with angels, guides and masters, stunning synchronicities, answered prayers and miraculous healings.

Not wanting to be labeled crazy, they have chosen not to share these stories with anyone else. Recognizing that these patients were basically normal and healthy beings who were going through appropriate grief and trauma reactions, and that their stories shared numerous similarities, I felt compelled to undertake research which would validate their stories, normalize their responses, comfort and soothe their pain and assist and expedite the healing process for each of them. Thus, Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul was born.

During these many years of research and interviewing, I have experienced a personal transformation, similar to that of the butterfly that is transformed from its larva and pupa stages into a being that is not only beautiful in its own right, but free to leave its comfortable cocoon and fly anywhere it wishes to go; free to be what it has always known it was destined to be - exquisitely extraordinary. Each of us is the butterfly just waiting for the opportunity to take on its exquisite and extraordinary aspects, just waiting for whatever it takes for us to become what we came into this lifetime to become. And when this occurs, it feels like a magnificent gift with which we are blessed.

When Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., renowned researcher of near-death experiences, completed Life After Life, he invited other researchers to continue the research of such experiences because he knew the experience would be as transformative for them as it had been for him. As a researcher of extraordinary experiences, I found this to be true for myself, and, consequently, have invited others to engage in the reading of near-death experience literature as well as literary material dealing with consciousness and mind. I have also encouraged those who are interested in developing their intuitive wisdom to study various forms of energy healing. This may seem odd to you, but frankly, working with the body is an enormously powerful way of developing your sensitivity to energy. Your intuitive wisdom is your greatest attribute in working with the body. And, each type of energy work you choose to pursue will push you to a higher, more sophisticated level of awareness of your own psychic and intuitive resources.

What I recommend most is first having the clear intention of wishing to develop your intuition. Along with intention, you must be committed to devoting the necessary time and energy to the process (meaning that you will need to practice daily). Next, you need to combine your passionate desire to study and practice with, if at all possible, finding a spiritual teacher with whom you feel extremely comfortable, as well as a small group of others who, like yourself, are hungry to cultivate intuition. These are the basic ingredients needed for you to move more quickly through this experience, while enjoying the journey.

It has been more than ten years since I made the conscious decision to begin my personal journey down the road of intuitive wisdom. My mom died December 26, 1993. I recall that just a few weeks later I experienced an overpowering desire to be able to reach beyond the boundaries of my mind and body to be able to connect with my soul's wisdom and, then, that of nonphysical energy, including that of my mom, deceased family members and my pets who either had died or who were still living.

What is interesting is that once I made it my intention to develop my intuition, I found that I was receiving, or noticing, more signs that my prayers were being heard (both my deceased father-in-law and my mom came to me to let me know they were tuning in to my prayers). I also noticed that more of what I wanted and expected was coming my way (since I essentially had gotten out of my own way, enabling me to align with my own desires) and I was feeling a genuine sense of enhanced power, confidence and belief in myself. My writing improved and my level of therapeutic expertise was being enhanced by the daily use of intuition in my work with my patients.

Growing intuitively is about the expansion of your own soul, as well as the expansion of the soul of the universe and everyone and everything else. Just recently, during one full day at my office, every one of my eight patients came in with an intuitive and/or extraordinary story, ranging from stories of connections with deceased loved ones to amazing synchronicities. I found myself smiling at the universe more and more as the day progressed. How wonderful, I thought. It seemed that each of those with whom I met or to whom I spoke had his or her own conscious connection with universal consciousness - and with feeling the joy of alignment with their soul, God, or someone they loved.

The ultimate gift of becoming the extraordinary soul that you were meant to be is that you are always in a "feel-good" place. That is, living the extraordinary life is about reclaiming your birthright to live in joy, peace and love. What can be better than that? For those of you who are eager to develop your gifts, I wish a sweet, pleasant journey and one which is experienced as meaningful, satisfying and joyful. Why not begin now?

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